Saturday, February 27, 2010

Donation made!

Finally sl street processed the funds to paypal so I could make a bank transfer.
When I receive the real receipt I can post that too, and I cropped out all my rl information so none of you can stalk me and eat my brains!

Thanks again to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a fun event! We hope to see you for another great fundraising party soon!

The lovely Miss Horrid Twine is organizing her RFL team so I am going to post that information here too so anyone interested can volunteer with her, and there are some exciting developments going on with Miss Putrid's Gloomyville empire I will be sharing soon.

Please join the HFZ group in-world for more information about upcoming events and thanks again to all who worked so hard and continue to work so hard to support those in need. We love you!

Monday, February 15, 2010

and then I sent it to my Paypal..Once Paypal has the money I will do a bank transfer and the donation and post screenshots here.

Once again, thank you so much to all the amazing people who donated items and time and came out to shop and say hello. You are all wonderful and have truly made a difference in the world.

Big thanks to OMGWTF Barbie who has worked tirelessly to inspire and motivate SL residents to donate to Haiti and for all of her support to the zombies.

Putrid and Horrid have once again pulled off an amazing event and I hope we get to do more in the future.

You guys rock!

It's money time!

Thanks to Horrid and Putrid, the most amazing girls in the world, My Bloody Valentine was a HUGE success and all of the amazing donations and DJs raised $1322 USD to help the people of Haiti.\
Here is the alt who has L365,426!!! She pays Gattina...

Who then finds a SL terminal to pay...

and Gattina pays L365,469.. Gattina had $43L she added, haha
And then I checked my SL Street account..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hot For Zombies Presents My Bloody Valentine!

Hot for Zombies are the organizers of the highly successful Zombiefest, where we raised just over 500,000L$ for The Red Cross to help with the relief effort during the Tsunamis of October 09. We had a week long festival with some of SLs best DJs and creators making contributions of their time and skills which culminated in a fabulous time for all and a fantastic amount of traffic.

In light of the recent tragic events in Haiti, we have decided to do it again.

My Bloody Valentine will run from the 5th February until the 19th. We need Vendors, DJs, Bloggers, Greeters, Dancers, spammers. Anything you think you can contribute, we want it. Even if it just amounts to you letting us rezz an LM giver on your land.

Valentines and gore is the theme
100% of all proceeds will go to The Red Cross for the Haitian relief effort.

We appreciate that this seems short notice, but actually, Zombiefest 09 was organized in the same time frame and was AWESOME. I have included a notecard at the end of this note to be filled out and returned to either Putrid Gloom, Stein Shilova, Louhi Gothly, Gattina Dumpling or Horrid Twine if you wish to participate. you can also contact any of the aforementioned organizers with any questions you may have.

Thanks in advance from us all at Hot for Zombies!

The build is looking amazing thanks to the wonderous Miss Horrid "I have a piece of wood and a dream" Twine and the brilliant Putrid "I'm on the wiki!" Gloom. The land has been generously donated by Gloomy Nation and none of this is possible without the hard work of Miss Twine and Miss Gloom.

We have zombieprom scheduled for Saturday, February 6th at 7 PM slt and another prom for all of our European friends on Sunday, February 7th at 9am slt!

We hope to see you all at zombiefest!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zombies Love Cutea Benelli

Cutea and I met via Putrid Gloom (Putrid is some sort of magical SL matchmaker, she has introduced me to some of my favourite SL people ever) and after discovering we both had a penchant for taxidermy and sideshow freaks, we have been fast friends ever since. I have always been a drooling fangirl of Cutea's, her creations are amazing, beautifully made and innovative and always with a very large dose of black humor. During Z-fest, Miss Benelli was always around offering to help with anything we needed, donating amazing items from her shop, and adding some of her creepily atmospheric flourishes to the event. I stalked Miss Benelli via IM and made her answer some inane questions.

Gattina: What interested you in joining zombiefest and Hot For Zombies?

Miss B: A fun occasion to create silly things that smell re
ally bad. how can you resist that?
Gattina: What was your favourite part about the event?
Miss B: As a hermit, I enjoyed getting to know other creators whose work
I had until then only secretly admired from afar. Gattina: Do you have a favourite item you have created?
Miss B: Probably bogon flux. and that's because blotto added the awesomeness.

What is your favourite item you have available for Halloween?
Miss B: I have to vainly claim it's my entire horror shoppe...and the dia de los muertos dresses at Grim Bros.

Gattina: How many new avatars have you made for Halloween?
Miss B: A whole bunch. I didn't count.
Gattina: How do you usually spend Halloween rl?
Miss B: In my country, Halloween is not traditionally celebrated. so I tend to spend it in unhalloweenish ways.

Can you give us a hint about what you will be creating for the "We wish you a scary Christmas" event?
Miss B: I have no idea. Maybe I will contribute some of my drug-abusing, prozac-deprived, blood-thirsty snowmen.

Visit Low-Prim and Grim here:

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Donation!

Many thanks to Stein for removing my personal info so no one can come serial kill me.

And thanks to everyone for doing such an amazing job! I love our organization name, haha!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello all you zombies!

Whilst we are waiting for SXstreet to put the money in my paypal account so I can transfer it, I thought I would share some lovely images of the process. Please keep in mind, the amount we are donating of $1770 (!!!!!) is all thanks to the amazing content creators and DJs and bloggers and visitors to Zombiefest. You guys are all incredible and wonderful and generous. Without you, NONE of this is possible. Horrid and Putrid worked their undead little fingers to the bone to make all of this a smashing success!

First off, here is our cute lil' Zombie alt who all the money goes to, but she does not have a paypal or Xstreet account. But she is adorable, Putrid made her. See her money? She has $489,409L!

So then I took her money and sent it to me! Check out my unrezzed hair. Now I have 489,409L!

But we are not done yet. Then I went to the scariest Xstreet terminal ever. And it says you paid SlxterminalBigwig 489,409L! Nice unrezzed creepy bears in the background.

I had like 181L (LOL) in my account and I was too lazy to withdraw, so you can see the total is 489577L.

So then I had to sell the lindens to then withdraw the money, and after all this I got a message saying it can take up to two business days.

Then when the money is in my paypal I will transfer to my checking account and send the Internation Red Cross headquarters in NYC a check by registered mail and I will post all the images here.

Can you imagine? $1770! Not bad for some zombies with a piece of wood and a dream!

Before we gear up for our next fundraiser, "We Wish You A Scary Christmas", we have Putrid and Horrid's new sim openings to look forward to. Details to follow!

Thank you all again for all your hard work, generous donations, help, caring and wonderful promotion. We love you all!