Saturday, February 27, 2010

Donation made!

Finally sl street processed the funds to paypal so I could make a bank transfer.
When I receive the real receipt I can post that too, and I cropped out all my rl information so none of you can stalk me and eat my brains!

Thanks again to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a fun event! We hope to see you for another great fundraising party soon!

The lovely Miss Horrid Twine is organizing her RFL team so I am going to post that information here too so anyone interested can volunteer with her, and there are some exciting developments going on with Miss Putrid's Gloomyville empire I will be sharing soon.

Please join the HFZ group in-world for more information about upcoming events and thanks again to all who worked so hard and continue to work so hard to support those in need. We love you!