Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zombies Love Cutea Benelli

Cutea and I met via Putrid Gloom (Putrid is some sort of magical SL matchmaker, she has introduced me to some of my favourite SL people ever) and after discovering we both had a penchant for taxidermy and sideshow freaks, we have been fast friends ever since. I have always been a drooling fangirl of Cutea's, her creations are amazing, beautifully made and innovative and always with a very large dose of black humor. During Z-fest, Miss Benelli was always around offering to help with anything we needed, donating amazing items from her shop, and adding some of her creepily atmospheric flourishes to the event. I stalked Miss Benelli via IM and made her answer some inane questions.

Gattina: What interested you in joining zombiefest and Hot For Zombies?

Miss B: A fun occasion to create silly things that smell re
ally bad. how can you resist that?
Gattina: What was your favourite part about the event?
Miss B: As a hermit, I enjoyed getting to know other creators whose work
I had until then only secretly admired from afar. Gattina: Do you have a favourite item you have created?
Miss B: Probably bogon flux. and that's because blotto added the awesomeness.

What is your favourite item you have available for Halloween?
Miss B: I have to vainly claim it's my entire horror shoppe...and the dia de los muertos dresses at Grim Bros.

Gattina: How many new avatars have you made for Halloween?
Miss B: A whole bunch. I didn't count.
Gattina: How do you usually spend Halloween rl?
Miss B: In my country, Halloween is not traditionally celebrated. so I tend to spend it in unhalloweenish ways.

Can you give us a hint about what you will be creating for the "We wish you a scary Christmas" event?
Miss B: I have no idea. Maybe I will contribute some of my drug-abusing, prozac-deprived, blood-thirsty snowmen.

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