Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello all you zombies!

Whilst we are waiting for SXstreet to put the money in my paypal account so I can transfer it, I thought I would share some lovely images of the process. Please keep in mind, the amount we are donating of $1770 (!!!!!) is all thanks to the amazing content creators and DJs and bloggers and visitors to Zombiefest. You guys are all incredible and wonderful and generous. Without you, NONE of this is possible. Horrid and Putrid worked their undead little fingers to the bone to make all of this a smashing success!

First off, here is our cute lil' Zombie alt who all the money goes to, but she does not have a paypal or Xstreet account. But she is adorable, Putrid made her. See her money? She has $489,409L!

So then I took her money and sent it to me! Check out my unrezzed hair. Now I have 489,409L!

But we are not done yet. Then I went to the scariest Xstreet terminal ever. And it says you paid SlxterminalBigwig 489,409L! Nice unrezzed creepy bears in the background.

I had like 181L (LOL) in my account and I was too lazy to withdraw, so you can see the total is 489577L.

So then I had to sell the lindens to then withdraw the money, and after all this I got a message saying it can take up to two business days.

Then when the money is in my paypal I will transfer to my checking account and send the Internation Red Cross headquarters in NYC a check by registered mail and I will post all the images here.

Can you imagine? $1770! Not bad for some zombies with a piece of wood and a dream!

Before we gear up for our next fundraiser, "We Wish You A Scary Christmas", we have Putrid and Horrid's new sim openings to look forward to. Details to follow!

Thank you all again for all your hard work, generous donations, help, caring and wonderful promotion. We love you all!